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Get fresh tips from the budget decorating guru, Betsy Helmuth. Each episode is packed with secrets the other pros don't want you to know. 

Betsy is an NYC-based designer, owner of Affordable Interior Design, and has been featured on DIY Network, NBC's "Today Show", HGTV, Lifetime, and more. She is the author of the best-selling book, Big Design, Small Budget. Get a signed copy of Betsy's book here


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Mar 31, 2015

Great design starts with a great floor plan. Betsy shares her strategies for placing pieces and creating a space that flows. 

Mar 24, 2015

Pink for girls and blue for boys is so passé!  Designing for both genders can be fun and fresh.  There are also chic ways to contain those oh-so overwhelming toys.

Mar 24, 2015

Where do you store your stuff in a small space?  Betsy has simple and straight-forward ideas to streamline, stash, and control your clutter.

Mar 24, 2015

As a former fine art painter, Betsy has a lot of quick and easy tips for curating and framing the art on your walls.

Mar 24, 2015

Paint is one of the most important elements in any space.  It is also very tricky to get right.  Betsy gives strategies for selecting the perfect shade for any room.