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Oct 24, 2022

Hello, everybody. Happy fall. I hope you're doing well. I hope you're staying warm. I'm not this cottage cold, Connecticut is cold, it is fall and I have not stopped shivering since the temperature dropped below 50. This is my new life. This cottage takes forever to warm up. So it does have an electric heater. It is like a system, not just a heater, which is nice, but it takes forever. And I do have a wood burning stove that is supposed to heat up this space, which is one log. All the logs are soaking wet from the day of rain we've been getting. And I have no confidence that I know how to work a wood burning stove. I'm going to figure it out. I


By golly, I'm going to figure this out. But until then I'm just going to shiver, wear my daughter's hoodie and muddle through. I hope you guys are surviving and thriving. Hope you are a little bit warmer than me. I hope you're settled and not living out of boxes. We are just at month two living in this house. We are still in boxes, I still can't find my toothbrush, I still can't find several lampshades, I still can't find a number of things that feel very important. I'm just lucky if I can take a shower in the morning and find a clean towel. That's how things are going. 

Okay, let's move on to more exciting news. The mailbag is full, it is brimming. I am so excited to tackle these questions. And I'm going to do so in a sort of a quick manner today. That way I can get to the biggest volume of questions in the shortest span of time. 

This episode, we discuss…

[10:24] What do you think of rattan lamp shades? Are they ever appropriate, or are they too dark? (Emily)

[12:58] Any tips for adding things to a kitchen to make it functional? What are the best brands of appliances to buy? How do I incorporate color into the kitchen without making it that I have to redo in a few years? What is the best quality furniture? (Sophia) 




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