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Feb 16, 2023

Last month, the Uploft Interior Design team and I all got together and it was amazing! We met in New York City and we had not all gotten together in person since before COVID. We had a photo shoot all day for five hours where we each got head shots, team shots, etc. 


It was very emotionally and energetically taxing because I do not love having my picture taken. My team members are amazing and very self-managing, but you still feel a lot of responsibility to get the shots and that everyone's comfortable and has the drinks, snacks and jewelry that they want.


Then of course we had to bring props and flowers and plants, and we no longer have our storefront because I moved to Connecticut so one of my clients graciously allowed us to use his office space and it was a really fun day. At night we all went up to dinner and talked, and it's really nice to get to know everyone on a more personal level. 


We just had a great conversation and it was so inspiring and invigorating and made me even more grateful for our amazing Uploft Interior Design team.


Speaking of our team, you guys know already, but we are hiring for an amazing sales representative and also an operations manager. These are both pretty high level positions and we are offering salary as well as bonus and benefits. So if you are an amazing salesperson or operations manager, then this might be a great fit. 


You can send your resume to and we'll reach out to you if you're a fit for the position with all the details.

In this episode, we discuss: 

[5:34] Designing a Living Room (Megan) 

[13:22] Warming Up a Farmhouse Style (Hannah) 







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