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Nov 10, 2022

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear Betsy. Happy birthday to me. Guys, you know that I don't always take a moment to stop to celebrate. Not podcasting, anniversaries, not business inception in anniversaries, not lots of different things, including this year, my anniversary just flew by with all the other stuff going on. We did go to dinner, but we need something more epic after 12 years, do you agree? And usually, I let my birthday whimper and simper right by. I'm not opposed to birthdays. I have nothing against birthdays. It's just that I'm often swamped. I try to do something, but it can be a little with all my other obligations. 

But not this year. This year, I am making it happen for myself. I am doing fun things! My favorite singer, Mike Doughty from the band Soul Coughing, which I was just obsessed with in college, is coming to Connecticut and playing a free show. Are you kidding me right now? I am a huge fan. 

So my friends said, "Betsy, what are we doing for your birthday?" I said we are going to see Mike Doughty in concert for free at seven o'clock, which I sincerely appreciate as a person in my 40s! Then I said, we're going to be in Connecticut. You guys are going to come to this free show with me, and why don't we head back to she-shed, my little cottage, and we'll have a girl's night. We'll get takeout, light the wood-burning stove, and we will have fun. We will crack open the hot tub, which I have not opened for the three months I have been here. I'm very excited. 

Are you like me, where I still need to fully unpack this little cottage. I have been so busy, so preoccupied. Also, the priority is the main house. Who cares about my office, my space? My kids are living in chaos. My husband's complaining daily that we only have one couch and one TV and what's going on, where's all the furniture, and what's happening. And I prioritize my time over there and have yet to prioritize my time here. I will get my act together if I plan an event where somebody is coming over, and then I will clean up. So that's what I'm gonna do. 

Without further ado, let me get to the questions that are already in my mailbag. 


This episode, we discuss…

[7:38] What’s the best shaped coffee table for my space? (Kristy)

[13:39] What’s the best way to make a small beach studio feel more cozy, yet still spacious?  (Kara) 

[20:41] Thank you for sharing your real life (Melissa)






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