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Feb 17, 2022

This episode is all about trends: what’s going to be in for 2022 and what’s going to be out.  You may be wondering why I didn’t record this episode in January, but the month totally got away from me. I’m in the middle of a rebrand, I had to move out of my office, and I’m moving out of my house to go, who knows where. There is a lot of transition, but also a lot of reflection. Today I’m sharing upcoming trends, because it’s never too late to incorporate trends into your space! I will also be sharing the things I hope go away in 2022, or the things I think are becoming obsolete.  

My predicted interior design trends for 2022:

[3:02] The pendulum swinging from gray to beige

[4:22] Curved furniture

[5:26] Carved furniture

[6:44] 3D art

[8:09] Benjamin Moore’s color of the year

[8:51] Pantone’s color of the year

[9:50] Canopy beds


My predictions for what will be out in 2022:

[11:31] Gray washed wood

[12:20] Open kitchens

[13:34] Minimalism

[14:38] Black hardware

[19:42] Macrame


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